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10 Things To Expect When Renting With Fill In The Blank Studio

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1o Things to Expect When Renting Fill In The Blank Studio!


Photographers everywhere crave a space to call their own, to bring their clients, and to make their most meaningful bodies of work in. This is a natural occurrence that every photographer experiences at some point. When you choose FITB to satisfy this craving, here are 1o things to expect.


In comes FITB. We’re here for your business, and for you as a photographer. We consider ourselves a part of your team, and you should consider yourself a part of ours too. We want to help you make the photographs you need today, so that your creative legacy can live on tomorrow and beyond. Whether you are shooting friends and family around the holidays or are doing high level commercial work year round, we want you to be able to make the most out of your shoot experience and come away with some truly amazing media.

We are an unbranded studio because we want our clients to have a place to temporarily call their own. When you rent with Fill In The Blank you are the ‘Blank’ and we are the rest. We create a space for you to gather with your clients, hold photoshoots, and conduct sales all in the name of you and your business. We don’t mind stepping aside in order for your creativity and talent to shine.


That’s what we are here for! YOU


This post outlines the 10 things you can expect when you rent space at FITB Studio. As if having a team of experienced and seasoned photographers raring to help you isn’t enough, here are 10 more things you can expect from us! Some things are small, other things are obligatory, while some are a bit unexpected. Stay tuned for this awesome list of 10 things you can expect from us here at FITB Studio!


  • An incredible experience. We’re here for you. We really do have your best interests at heart. Whether you need some help resetting the studio after shooting, hauling in or out gear, or just some help with letting your clients in on a Sunday (the building is locked like a vault on Sundays!), we got your back.


  • Amazing light for most of the day. Our wall of waist to ceiling windows are west facing and therefore let in light all day. Diffuse light in the morning, and more direct sunlight in the afternoon / evening.


  • A ton of extras. We have a lot of in studio gear and furniture at your disposal when you rent with us. We’ll give a short low down on what there is but knowing how to use it is up to you! Don’t know? Just ask, we have your back!


  • Studio tours whenever available. If you want to see the light and space for yourself, do it up! There is a live calendar on our website at the very bottom that shows real time updates on when time in the studio is available. Use the BOOK NOW button to book a tour, just like you’d book a rental! Expect confirmation from us soon thereafter!


  • Gotta question? We have answers! Email us at hello@fitbstudio.com or give us a call at (832)263-3182 we’d be happy to answer your questions and even schedule a studio tour with you if we haven’t already! most of our booking process is automated, but only for convenience sake! (We’re as busy as you are) If you ever feel the need, please get in touch!


  • So you’ve booked some studio time. YES! That. Is. Awesome. We are so excited to host your shoot and can’t wait to work with you! You have hit up our website (fitbstudio.com) or found us online via Facebook and pressed the shutter on some rental space. Now what? Check out our long list of amenities that come with your rental, schedule a tour if you want to see the space first hand, or check out all of the inspiring content that we have about our awesome space on IG or FB. You can always just hit us up to say hi and let us know your shoot deets too! When you tell us exactly what you’re planning we are better prepared to help if asked! You can expect to receive a contract and invoice from us to the email that you’ve provided, soon after booking. The emails will come separately so watch out for both! One has a contract enclosed that you can electronically sign and the other an electronically payable invoice. Once you have returned these two items to us. You’re booking is confirmed!


  • The contract is pretty basic, but well worth the read to guarantee a smooth and safe photoshoot! It requires initialing next to our policies, general guidelines for conduct and safety, and also our hard-no policies (glitter and oils of any sort really mess our floors up, so please be kind to them and do not use either of these products!)


  • The invoice is standard, and can be paid online! We use the information that you provide us when booking to populate your invoice info. So please, answer as honestly as possible. Let us know what’s really up with you, your shoot, and your business with us so that we can all be on the exact same page. Are you the client of your photographer and are tasked with paying the invoice? Let us know your situation so that we can send the right documents to the right people!


  • Are you shooting something really awesome that doesn’t contain nudity, explicit content, or NSFW materials? Tag us in your social posts @fitbstudio and with #fitbstudio so that we can promote your awesome work! Shooting something like boudoir or glamour photography? We have special channels for you @fitbboudoir !


  • Last but certainly not least… We try our best to take care of you during the entire booking and rental process. At every step and turn you can expect some emails from us, like reminders, confirmations after signing/payment of contract/invoice, and even directions and some prep guidelines for getting to and using our space. These emails are designed to help you, so take advantage and read them through!

Now that you know what to expect from booking and renting with us there is only one step left. Plan a shoot and make it happen here with us! That’s not your only option though, if you are still on the fence give us a call and let us take care of your questions and concerns or book a tour with us so that you can see the space and the light for yourself! It’s amazing and we want you to see it, and fall in love with it.


We’re super into the idea that our space can be yours too, so if you have any special requests or questions just let us know! We want to make your shoot happen here, as much as you do and will do whatever we can to facilitate!

Take care and keep your ears to the ground for discounts, offers, and news on our IG @fitbstudio and on Facebook too!