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Pre-Production Also Known As Setting Up For Success.


Production books aren’t as common as they should be. In the big leagues of photography production, they’re necessary. In filmmaking too, they’re indispensable. What is a production book you may ask? It’s a binder (usually) or some kind of master folder filled with documents, lists, call sheets, vital information, and everything you did during the pre-shoot process. The production book can be shared with your client, production crew, and even with third party coordinators like location contacts or managers to keep everyone on the same page. It’s purpose? To document all of your hard pre-lights work in a way that makes it both accessible and digestible for you and your team! Without further ado, let’s jump into how to make one, and what to put inside!

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At FITB we believe that photographers are the bomb, so we hand painted a canvas backdrop so that we could tell our clients the story of how we made it. And do an awesome experiment where we have 5 different photographers shoot it. All in the name of photography education and always striving to be better. The backdrop creation challenge was a tough one. Many photographers have toyed with the idea of creative new backdrops and many legendary photographers have chosen painted canvases. It costed us about $230 to get the materials necessary and about 18 hours equally spread over 3 days to complete. Here’s why we did it, how, and the work of 5 awesome photographers who were among the first to shoot it.

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The following attempts to identify and remedy pain caused by misunderstanding with a term guide that bridges the technical gap between photographers and non-photographers. I think we have all been here before, and cheers if you have not! A client says one thing, but means another. This can end up disastrously, with a dissatisfied photographer and unhappy clients. Often times photography is difficult to talk about.

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