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nea hand painted canvas backdrop shot 5 different ways blog graphic





At FITB we believe that photographers are the bomb, so we hand painted a canvas backdrop so that we could tell our clients the story of how we made it. And do an awesome experiment where we have 5 different photographers shoot it. All in the name of photography education and always striving to be better. The backdrop creation challenge was a tough one. Many photographers have toyed with the idea of creative new backdrops and many legendary photographers have chosen painted canvases. It costed us about $230 to get the materials necessary and about 18 hours equally spread over 3 days to complete. Here’s why we did it, how, and the work of 5 awesome photographers who were among the first to shoot it.

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Snapshots: People Behind The Process graphic for blog series blog post #1

Contemporary. Original. Creatives.


Josh Robertson aka Sir Josh Aaron is an exceptionally inspirational content creator that we are super excited to feature in our first Snapshots post! When he’s not in the blogosphere, curating photographs on Instagram, or creating content he’s connecting to the community through photography or collaborating with brands. Josh is the best kind of creative, one who is focused on his goals, in it for the long haul, and determined to make out of life what he envisions. That’s what Fill In The Blank’s Snapshots series is all about. The people who inspire us because they’re so inspired themselves!

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Collab PA Assistant Digitech Blog Graphic

COLLABORATIONS: PA’s, Assistants, and Digitechs


Collaboration with others during a photo shoot is essential. Heck, collabs in photography in general are essential. PA’s, assistants, and digital technicians (or “digitechs) are a few positions common on photo sets that can take your game to the next level. This post will explore these production roles, the etiquette that goes along with working with them, and the value that extra hands, minds, and eyes can bring to your shoot. Plus a few tips on how, where, and when to find this help when needed!

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Collaborations: Stylists and Makeup Artists


Photography is rarely a solo operation. Unless you’re a street photographer or photojournalist, and even then one is effectively collaborating with the entire universe at once. Projects and photographs are often more satisfying and can gain much more traction if other creatives such as makeup artists, stylists, and other production staff are both involved and invested.

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