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FITB: Y U NO VIDEO? Truth is that we only provide the best of services to our clients. Our studio is a lovely light-filled space with concrete floors and walls, original brick, large windows, and white walls. As such, it’s amazing to photograph in. It proves a difficult challenge, to say the least, for us to let you film in. Physical and audio reverberation from inside and out, echoes, environmental noise and other wild vibrations are all factors native to our studio that prove detrimental to clean audio capture. Other reasons such as close proximity to a rail yard, building renovations and construction projects, and being respectful to business neighbors surrounding the studio play factors in our focused photographic endeavors. “What if my project is not audio dependent?” you might ask yourself.. If so, please read on!


kerron sims and his band at fitbstudio




Our process for video rentals differs from our normal because we need to make sure that we are truly a good fit for the needs of your video shoot. If we can’t provide the amazing product you need (and think we have) we won’t do it. It’s a part of our policy to maintain transparency in the limitations of our studio, and our value for sharing this knowledge with our clients.


What we ask before your reservation is accepted:

  • What is the content?
  • How many people are in your production crew in its entirety?
  • How dependent on sound is your production?
  • Will there be clients involved? if so how many in their party?
  • What are your production’s needs in terms of our collaboration?

What we ask if your reservation gets accepted:

  • Please respect our neighbors and keep the noise levels as low as possible.
  • Use the studio as responsibly as you can.
  • Please put everything back in its rightful area. (This goes for both still and video rentals.)

What we ask if your reservation is declined:

  • If you’d like a recommendation for studios that can fulfill your needs
  • If you could please keep us in mind for future projects
  • And if we can still be friends




Since this kind of rental falls out of our normal scope of business the normal rules apply, and then some. We ask for extra consideration of the building, its inhabitants, and cooperation with all. Since we are flying out of normal airspace with video, we ask for your patience during the surveying process as well. Our “No-Glitter / Confetti” and “No Oil Based Liquid” rules are still very much in effect. Please shoot us an email or give us a call if you have questions about what can and cannot be used in the studio. It’s way easier to ask for permission than forgiveness in this case.



Past video productions that we have been a part of have taught us a valuable lesson: video renters require a higher level of involvement from the onset of their rental request through the end of their creative time at Fill In The Blank. As such we use our knowledge and past experience to inform our decisions when it comes to video rentals. That’s why video shoots are evaluated on a case by case basis and require some extra pre-production leg work on our behalf. They also garner a higher hourly rate of $100 per hour with a FOUR (4) hour minimum. This is for your benefit, as you get to collaborate with us closely and we get to make sure that all goes well on our end with your shoot. A higher level of attention and care from our staff requires the bump in cost per hour.



artist jon mconnell in action filming



We want your production to flow into something amazing and intentionally crafted. Although it isn’t in our immediate scope of business, videos have been made at FITB before. There are many different factors that come into play here such as different hourly rates, a different contract, and also a survey process that we must go through with filmmakers that will determine the possibility of a project even being ABLE to happen here. We do this because we respect your projects as much as you do, and being a positive part of your production is important to us. Sound is an integral part of most motion projects and as such we are very careful in making sure that our location does not play a part in larger issues for you.


artist jon mconnell in action filming


Above is studio friend and client Jon McConnell of Cinescope Creative. An amazing musician and talented director and filmmaker who creates awesome music videos. He’s an ideal creator. Someone who is hard working and puts soul and refinement into craft in order to stay on the cutting edge. I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with Jon on a few occasions now (which we recommend doing, fellow creators) and each time has been impressive while having a very small carbon footprint shoot wise. Jon’s shoots are minimal, and so is he. This works for us  at FITB because photoshoots require the same exact tools: a camera, a creator, and some good vibes. This is what we look for in friends, family, and clients of all sorts as business people. Those that we can get along with superbly!


A camera, a creator, and some good vibes.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting us at (832) 263-3182 or by emailing us at hello@fitbstudio.com


Thanks for keeping up with us at FITB and we hope to hear from you soon!