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How to fill in the blank and book a shoot with us here at FITB Studio! If you’re wanting to rent one of the best photo rental studios in Houston, Texas then this post is for you. Our booking process is designed especially with you in mind. To be easy to follow online, hassle-free, and paperless! Having trouble with your rental? You can always call us and we will help you iron out any issues! Here’s a short and sweet list of booking actions to take!



Our name is a concept and invitation at once. We provide a space for you to breathe in, soak in the light, and shoot awesome photographs. We are a clean slate on which you can write your photographic history (only on the chalkboard wall and proverbially please). We love to bring new things to our client base and potential customers. Which is why we work so hard to supply you, our ideal photographer, with everything you’ll need to create awesome photographs. So without further ado, here are some ways that you can go about filling in the blank and becoming a part of the FITB crew.


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1. All the info you need is online

You’ll have to check out our website! ( HERE! ) If you’re reading this you may have already done so. Here is where you can check availability, view amenities, read a bit about us, and also get a feel for how you and your photo shoot workflow will fit in with us.

After you read the important info on our site, it’s time to book a reservation! Studio availability can be checked at the bottom of our webpage. Just choose the “WEEK” view option and you’ll be able to see all available time slots. After you’ve chosen an available time slot, click on the grey “Book Now” button to book a tour or studio rental reservation. This will take you to a website called simplybook.me, which is our preferred booking system. When there, choose ‘studio tour’ or ‘rental reservation’, whichever you’d like to book. The process for both is very similar and you can definitely book a rental and a tour at the same time in order to scope the spot for your rental!


a screenshot of our booking website simplybook.me

2. Check out the FAQs to avoid fees

Our rental space has a few rules / policies / regulations that are tailored to you and your fellow photographers. We would greatly appreciate it if you read these rules as well as pay close attention to any documents that we send you because from time to time our rules change!


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Click HERE to view in full!


3. Scheduling on the web

We prefer rentals to come in at least 3 days in advance. If that isn’t possible, give us a call and we will help you to put in a last minute reservation. Reservations made 3 days in advance can book online, but if its less than 3 days, you must call us to be able to book a time.

After booking we will put your tentative reservation on the calendar and send you the necessary shoot documents via email. Once your invoice and contract are respectively paid and signed, your booking will be 100% confirmed! If you fail to respond or sign/pay your documents, your tentative reservation time will be released back to the public and you will be notified by email. We will also give you a call to make sure that you are aware of the changes to your reservation with the information you provide us, so please give us the best contact info possible.


4. Have an awesome shoot!

As always, we are ultimately here for you. To help you have awesome photo shoots in a great space and elevate your work and brand to the next level. As such you can always caller email us and we will help you however we can!


Let us know if you need anything or are having trouble booking by contacting us at (832) 263-3182 or by email at hello@fitbstudio.com


Thanks for following along and we hope to hear from you soon!