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SNAPSHOTS: People Behind the Process Volume I

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Josh Robertson aka Sir Josh Aaron is an exceptionally inspirational content creator that we are super excited to feature in our first Snapshots post! When he’s not in the blogosphere, curating photographs on Instagram, or creating content he’s connecting to the community through photography or collaborating with brands. Josh is the best kind of creative, one who is focused on his goals, in it for the long haul, and determined to make out of life what he envisions. That’s what Fill In The Blank’s Snapshots series is all about. The people who inspire us because they’re so inspired themselves!


Let’s take a look into the life and work of this Houston creator making a name for himself in a city that is known for it’s up and coming entrepreneurs. Here’s an interview with Sir Josh Aaron that will give you some insight into his creative roots, his hometown, and his love for the city of Houston.


A portrait of Josh Aaron a Houston based content creator and stylish gent


F: Where are you from originally? What’s your come up story?

J: So originally, I am from Port Arthur, Tx and was relocated to Houston in 2005 as a Hurricane Rita Evacuee. My story started with an upbringing of humble means and has carved me into a man of understanding, honesty and determination. I think being able to survive after losing the life you held near and dear and it being torn from your hands can make or break you. I dealt with a lot but I never gave up because I had a vision of success but it was ever evolving as my path took different turns. I can look back and see all of my progress that is the true come up, but there is more ahead of me to look forward to. I think knowing there are truly no limits to your dreams but the ones you allow people or yourself to put in place.


F: How does Houston stack up creatively against other large cities?

J: I think Houston is establishing its own scene, as it should. I think it’s still a frail child in comparison to the titans of industry that have dominated the city for so long. This city is full of old money incapable of evolving, holding a lot of progress back. Why is a city this large not rivaling New York or LA? That is why in my opinion.


“Photography is a huge part of who I am”


F: When did you know that you wanted creativity to be your life?

J: I have always been a man of the arts from drawing as kid to spitting my first rhyme. It was always a means of self-expression pushing my mind and imagination became a skill and changing my mediums ever so often I knew I wanted to do something fun with my life, because I knew a desk job never suited me.



F: How much of your life is photography?

J: Photography is a huge part of who I am, I built two successful brands off of photography, from sharing moments in time, to inspiring men out in the world to dress to a higher calling. I don’t know where I would be if it was not for photography.


F: How do you craft such a manicured online presence?

J: The 3 biggest rules to live by that have taken me this far shouldn’t be a big secret. They are:

Tell your story – Open yourself up to the world let them know who you are in an interesting manner.

Produce Quality Content – Challenge yourself to push boundaries, invest in your equipment and your story by any means.

Consistency – Posting on a regular basis is the real part where it can be challenging but if you have consistency you are doing better than most of the competition. Everyone wants to be a creative, but few want to put in the hours and time to make it a real paying hustle. If you have the grit and the wit get to it and keep on pushing.


F: When mixing yourself with a brand, how do you stay true to who you are?

J: To me it’s easy if my ideals and principles align I’m all for it, if I believe in the product or organization I am there for it, if I don’t then I am able to say no. Because people know when you are being false in representation they feel it so I stay away from anything that will challenge my moral compass and accountability.



F: Your personal style and look are cool, how did you develop these things?

J: Through trial and error but also not being afraid to push boundaries and comfort levels of myself and learning the confidence to try it without any regrets good are bad. Most guys will say “man that looks good on you but I could never do that”, but all I here is an excuse and an unwillingness to try something new.


F: Where do you shop? How did you become so stylish?

J: I shop everywhere, as long as it looks good and is affordable, I am only loyal to price, look and quality of what I buy. I mix brands patterns and textures to make my style come to life to be one of a kind. Looking presentable has always been a main stay idea to live by and for me being in fashion has always propelled me forward as part of my character’s DNA.


F: Where can people get a feel for you and your mark on Houston?

J: I would have to say my Instagram it is a stylish Houstonian’s interpretation to the city I love and live in.


On top of having a killer website, a manicured social media presence on Instagram, and lots of word of mouth hype around him Sir Josh is always cooking up new projects. Out of connections he’s made, clients he’s satisfied, fellow collaborators, and out of his own sheer vision for his brand. When your brand is yourself like J’s, it becomes difficult to know what is yourself, and what is your business. The Urbane Savant is a prime example of how to tackle this issue seamlessy. And this comes from truly being passionate about your life’s work. From humble upbringings to butt kicking collabs with brands such as Budweiser and Thrillist, this creative has truly made it onto the map and brings his all to his work every day.


We love this over at Fill In The Blank, because it’s what we strive for ourselves. Dedication and passion wrapped in an irresistible package that screams THIS. IS. WHAT. WE. DO. It’s not every day that a creative like this surfaces. It often takes years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears and this is why Sir Josh Aaron is in our spot light.


Photography by Spencer Young (www.spenceryoung.photography)