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Collaborating with a photography rental studio can be awesome. There are a ton of things to consider when renting a studio though. Like light, electricity, accessibility, amenities, and specific rules and stipulations. As well as whether or not the space fits you as a photographer. These things should all be presented to you by an established and trustworthy studio. As photographers we don’t like to be surprised during a shoot, but prepared. We think that you do too, thats why in the spirit or preparedness we are here to help.




Something to consider below the surface of cosmetics and measurements is the ability of your business to sustainably rent a photography studio. As you may know costs associated with photoshoots are either covered by the photographer and factored into the final fee accordingly, or the client shares some of the cost of the shoot outright. Most studios including ourselves will accommodate either kind of arrangement if discussed in advance. So let us know how you’d like us to handle your financials and we can work with you. Got further questions on the matter? Let us know and we would be happy to contribute our knowledge to you on the subject and how we can help make the process smoother for all parties involved.


FITB Studio floor plan schematic by Cody King

Credit: Cody King; codykingdesign.com and @codykingdesign




Things to think about in respect to your shoot:
  • Space size
  • Light / Time of day / Window placement
  • Restrictions / Regulations
  • Basic included amenities
  • Additional equipment needed
  • Advanced amenities

When searching for a shoot space you will be challenged with thinking about it from all different angles. As visual creators it often helps to imagine ones self photographing in a space. That’s why we highly recommend taking a studio tour (You can book one with us HERE) so that you can be sure of what you’ll have at your disposal, forecast what you’ll need, and see how you’ll fit in. Also meeting those that run the studio and who you’ll be dealing with during your production is very important. It’s super great to always have a collaborative team thats willing and able to help you during crunch time, a fantastic production depends on it. Check out the awesome schematic of our space to get an idea of what to look for when scouting the perfect location for your next studio shoot.


Your photo shoot is priority #1




Your photo shoot is priority #1. Any good studio operates with this fact informing all decisions and actions. Pulling a shoot together can be both a stressful and ever satisfying process. It’s necessary but also arduous at times. This is why a great studio strives to work with you in every respect. So that if push comes to shove during your shoot due to clients, technicalities, or unforeseen circumstances the studio will be on your side. This is so important to a successful production because the studio houses the entire shoot. As such it must take great care of the precious moments being created inside. To protect everyone’s interests. To make sure that all is well. And to keep all parties involved safe.




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